In Theory… T-shirts have arrived!

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The funder t-shirts are finally here! We will be shipping them out to funders who selected the appropriate perks soon. 🙂

The awesome Reset funder t-shirt!

In Theory… An audio announcement! And VR!

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Hey hey hey!

Development continues steadily on all fronts. From world (level) design to meeting with the GOG guys, from anti-aliasing to audio tech implementation.

Speaking of audio we have an exciting announcement to make. The award winning audio producer/designer Mr. Ari Pulkkinen (Resogun, Best PS4 Sound IGN awards 2013, is joining the team as the audio designer for Reset. We are highly excited to get Ari and his broad expertise and expressiveness on board and Ari is likewise excited for the opportunity to create the audioscape for the world of Reset. Ari will be working closely with us to really capture and deliver the strong emotion and feel that we’re are aiming for. Mikko is of course still composing the musical score.

Mikko, Reset and the Oculus Rift DK1.

In the heart of Theory there is immersion. And these times of rising VR are highly exciting to us (even with the Facebook acquisition 🙂 ) as it is a way to create better immersion. What this means is that we will be putting a lot of effort into the Oculus Rift version of the game. Including binaural audioscape. The new Oculus Rift DK2 kits were ordered immediately as they came available, so hopefully we will be getting them in July when they begin shipping.

Cool stuff happening all around! Coolness!

In Praxis… Impostors

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It’s been a while since our last blog post, but it’s only because we’ve been hard at work, we swear! We haven’t even thought about rushing off to the Bahamas with your hard-earned money!

This time I’m going to shed a little light on a little something that makes it possible to render massive and densely populated worlds in real time: impostors. Read more

In Theory… Campaign analysis

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So begins 2014, the year of Reset. Having come down from the high induced by the Christmas miracle created by all you guys, it’s time to get down to serious business again (as serious as game development can be 🙂 ). To kick it off, we thought we’d do a sort of post-mortem on the campaign and share the campaign data.

But first a BIG HUGE THANKS goes TO ALL OF YOU GUYS for jumping at the cause at the last minute! Big hand to our competition winners Marin Z, brett.caughie and Sam Rudge.  Special honorable mention goes to all our friends who helped spread the word like crazy, especially Almost HumanThomas Puha, Sonja Ängeslevä, Mikael HaveriPekka Aakko and Santeri Räihä for his unreal email effort towards news sites. And thanks to the sites that published news on the campaign: Rock Paper Shotgun, DSO Gaming, Kotaku, Joystiq, OnlySP, GamingBolt, Polygon, Strategyinformer, Adventuregamers, EurogamerTFNComplexPCGH(ger), Dome(fin), Pelaaja(fin), Pelit(fin), Gamereactor(fin), V2(fin) and Tilt(fin), and of course all those we forgot to mention. And of course, NVIDIA for blasting through their channels! Last but not least Indiegogo and John Vaskis for huge support and advice! Couldn’t have done it with out you all.

So here is what happened. Read more

In Theory… The future was changed! The campaign was a success!

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\o/ The campaign is over! The campaign was an unreal success! The future was changed! \o/

Thank you all! From a seemingly impossible situation you were able to drive the campaign to reach its goal just hours before the deadline. The final numbers stand at 71398€. The final statistics are not in yet, but over 20k€ was raised in the last day!

Now we will take a couple of days off for the holidays and gather our strength. Also a full campaign analysis will follow after we’ve gone through the data.

We came pretty close to the first stretch goal. We are so super happy about the support we got from everybody during the last days that we decided to make the Director’s Cut version with the funds we raised. So as a another Christmas present from us, the game will be made with the Director’s Cut specs. 1.5-2 hours of more content. More puzzles and story extension!

Oh I almost forgot! The Reset Referral Competition winners!

1st Prize: The VIP Funder Edition Perk goes to Marin Z (526€)

2nd Prize: The Special Funder Edition Perk goes to brett.caughie (320€)

3rd Prize: The Collector’s Edition Perk goes to Sam Rudge (180€)

The winners will be contacted via email after the holidays. Super big thanks to everybody for pushing the referrals to the max. We wouldn’t have made it with out them! Hooray for everybody!


\o/ !!!Hooray for the winners!!! \o/

Super Merry Christmas to You All and the Very Best New Year!

Alpo & Mikko
Theory Interactive Ltd.

In Theory… Only 10k€ to go!!! 18 hours! Stretch goal revealed! go go go!!!

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This rise is just phenomenal! The light is visible at the end of the tunnel! We are changing the future as we speak!!!

A bit funny to reveal any stretch goals at this stage, but we’ll move according to our initial plan.

1st stretch goal, 75k€: Directors cut.
Although with the initial budget we can hire help on the art assets, with this extra budget we can outsource a bigger batch of assets, which leaves room for us to concentrate more on the puzzles.  More puzzles and story extension, approximately 1,5-2 hours more content!

Huh, It’s been an amazing ride with all of you folks! We’ll be spreading the word to the end and we can only rely on you, our dear friends to keep doing the same. Change is near. Change is coming. Change the future!

Alpo & Mikko

In Theory… 34 hours to go and the speed is picking up!

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We’re at 45500 €, 70% and the speed has dramatically increased in the last 2 hours!

What more is there to say than, LET’S DO THIS!!! 😀–4


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5 days left! Perfect time for a RESET REFERRAL COMPETITION!

We’re just past the 30K€ mark! Yesterday was the best campaign day since the start with over 3,500 € raised and over 100 new contributors!!! Thank you for the incredible support so far, now lets push it to the end.

So how do we do that? If every contributor would bring in one contributor, the goal would be pretty much met. To make it more interesting though the RESET REFERRAL COMPETITION is go with über cool prizes!

Read more

In Theory… A gift to all Indiegogo campaign contributors!

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Happy Holidays!

Since this is the season of giving and giving gives us much joy, we have a present for you. If the campaign is successful, every contributor (not counting the Support Pack Perk) will receive:

A second Digital Copy of Reset!

So that is two copies with the price of one! And those who selected a Perk containing the physical copy will receive three copies in total. One physical and two digital.

Give a gift to a friend or relative, or team up with your friend to get the game at half price!

What is better than getting presents for this Christmas? Well, getting presents for Next Christmas of course! 🙂

Merry Christmas,

Alpo & Mikko

In Theory… Change The Future! Now with Oculus Rift! Only 7 days left to make it happen!

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Yoyoyo peeps!

Final week of our campaign just started. Thank you all who have contributed and spread the word so far! We’re at a 40% of our goal of 65K€, which is very very good, but still 40K€ to go to the goal.  We’ve seen the future, now is the time to change it! 😀

We finally received the Oculus Rift dev kit a while ago and we are supersupersuper excited about it! It’s just perfect for Reset, hands down. From the beginning we set out to create a game where you can really feel the atmosphere and now the Rift can take the experience beyond what we hoped to achieve originally. So yeah, Reset will support the Rift. 🙂

Here are a couple of images using the dev kit (ver 1.1)