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In Theory… III

Settling back to normal work routine tastes good. Our asset importing/handling has gained new features and game design has taken steps forward with thoughts of communication methods between different temporal versions of Zero-Two. Very exciting stuff.

We’ve been invited to speak at Digital Storytelling seminar in Oslo, Norway next monday.  We are honored to attend alongside Weta Digital and Fido. This short trip adds again a small bump to actual production work, but it’s definitely worth it.

Encouraging feedback still continues to roll in and one email we got from Jamie Counsell from Australia last week really stopped us on our tracks, in a good way. The reason is that the feeling we got while reading it was something that we couldn’t translate into words. We want to share that feeling and Jamie was extremely kind to let us publish the email. Till next week. (press “read more” to read the email)

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In Theory… II

What a week! We are completely and utterly taken by the feedback we’ve got from all of you guys. Over half a million views on different sites and just over 400K views on YouTube alone in one week! It’s beyond anything we hoped for, it’s bloody ridiculous. Like @TriniBoyD pointed out on twitter “All eyes on you guys now #nopressure”

Well, we are not pressured but 110% committed to finishing what we have started. It wasn’t a question before but seeing so many like-minded people out there gives us strength beyond strength. Seems that many of you are also throwing money at the screen, so we’re looking into crowdfunding to possibly materialize the game sooner rather than later.

And now that the smoke has started to settle there is still a lot of work to be done, so we best get to it. Till next week.

Alpo & Mikko

In Theory…

Although we’ve been quiet, we’re not dead. Far from it. We’ve been working hard to reach a major graphics milestone and on the teaser trailer which is also a test bed for all the features in the milestone. The release date for the trailer is April 25! \o/

To make things more real, here is a quick tour of our massive corporate headquarters and a screenshot of our editor. Enough talking, pics below:

Alpo taking a break

Mikko working hard

In Praxis...