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In Praxis: Atmosphere

Ok so, first the bad news. We’re not ready to show game play stuff yet. It’s taking longer than expected and since it’s a key part in the upcoming crowd funding campaign, we’re putting a lot of effort into it. But the good news is that that we can distract you with pretty pictures 😀

Oh you weren’t distracted… bummer. Anyway, besides the gameplay, people have been asking us about our volumetric lighting and atmosphere. So we’re going to cover that topic right now.

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In Praxis: Lighting

The previous installment of In Praxis talked about how surfaces react to light. This post gives an overview of where that light comes from.

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In Praxis: Surface Shading

In this installment of In Praxis I’m going to talk about how we shade opaque surfaces. Beware of extremely technical mumbo-jumbo.

Reset has a fully deferred renderer, which means that all information required for lighting is first rendered into a set of screen-space textures (collectively called the G-buffer) and then lighting is applied using only those textures without the need to re-render the geometry. This provides a clean separation between materials and lights and allows for a slightly simpler design than traditional forward rendering. Also more exotic features such as deferred decals can be easily implemented. Read more