In Theory… A new video on its way!

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Hey y’all!

Two weeks to go on the campaign and we have still a long way to go. But we’re not done yet. When the going gets tough, the tough release a new video and start spamming the internet like crazy!

Did we mention that besides Reset being a puzzle game, it’s also an open world mystery solving game. πŸ™‚ The upcoming video is about that part of the experience. The new video is coming at the end of the week, so hang tight and spread the word! Now is the time! >:)

***EDIT 11.12.2013***

Sorry folks, but we’ve decided to not release a new video at this stage. It was a hard call considering the campaign and all. We are not satisfied with it and rushing it and compromising the quality would not do us any good in the long run. We’ll of course continue to push the campaign with the current material. πŸ™‚

In Theory… 20000€ milestone reached!

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A big hand to everyone, high five and thumbs up! Our good pals at Almost Human (makers of Legend of Grimrock) were also super cool to lend their thumbs for a good cause. πŸ™‚ Β The campaign is doing good, with almost one third of the 65K target already reached with 23 days still to go. Work continues on the campaign and the game of course.

Super big thanks to NVIDIA also, who published a new exclusive screenshot!

View the screenshot here:


In Praxis… Oculus Rift

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We have an exciting announcement to make! A development kit for the Oculus Rift virtual reality system should be on its way to us some time in December and we’ve already started prototyping support for it in Reset. We’ll let you know of any further developments!

Screenshot from a prototype with preliminary support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality system. Note that the warping of the image probably does not match the one expected by the Rift. The parameters for proper warping can only be obtained from the Rift SDK with the actual device attached.


In Theory… 10000€ Indiegogo campaign milestone reached!

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A HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed and spread the word!!!! Campaign is looking good, we are on our way! More to come, stay tuned. πŸ™‚

Alpo & Mikko

In Praxis… Traveling in time

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In this installment of In Praxis I’m going to give a more in-depth technical overview of the main gameplay mechanic in Reset: time travel.

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Important Notice Concerning Our Indiegogo Campaign!

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Finnish law does not allow companies to accept donations without compensation. Therefore we cannot accept contributions without perks. If you want to contribute, please select a perk. Thank you!

In Theory… Crowdfunding starts NOW!

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After a two-week rain check we are finally ready to accept your money! We know it has been painfully burning in your socks and wallets and bank accounts but now you can feel the oh so sweet relief of parting with it! And for a good cause, no less!

Note: our campaign type is Fixed Funding, which means the goal must be passed or everyone will be refunded and we won’t get anything.

Reset on Indiegogo

In Theory… We are on Google+!

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In addition to this blog, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, both Theory and Reset now have a presence on Google+.

Spread the word!

Theory on Google+

Reset on Google+


In Theory… We like bureaucrazy

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Ok, so where are we? A quick Sunday update on what’s happening.

First off, thanks all for the enormously great feedback! Yet again energy reserves boosted to continue steadily on this road. And apologies for not replying to your latest comments. I will get to them this coming week. Seems we really need to start setting up a FAQ section or a forum. πŸ˜€

But yeah, so what is the campaign holdup? Shortly, bureaucracy. We’ve been set up for a week now, but we’re still waiting for the red tape to clear. We made the noob mistake of thinking that the cogs of yesterday’s world would turn at a swifter pace. Doing something for the first time has its ups and downs. No matter, this is luckily just a minor delay, and there is a saying I like to use sometimes especially when someone is nervous about some trivial time related issue. So I’ll say it to myself: “What’s the rush in a ready world?” Huh, thanks man! Relaxing now. πŸ™‚

Anyhoo our spirits are high as ever! Work continues normally and hopefully we get to launch the campaign next week.

Keep it tight people,


In Theory… Reset Gameplay Teaser is Live!

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On this truly grand day it is I, Mikko, taking over our In Theory post!

It’s been a long time coming but we are finally ready to show you what Reset will be all about as a game. We were going to start a crowdfunding campaign along with the release of the teaser today, but unfortunately there will be some delay in launching the campaign. We are so sorry that you still won’t be able to give all your money to us. That will change soon, we promise!

Without further ado, the Reset Gameplay Teaser: