In Theory… A Hollywood Movie!


Oh boy do we have an amazing announcement for you guys and gals! Reset is being made into a big budget blockbuster Hollywood movie!!!!!111!!1! With none other than Sandra Bullock as the mysterious mech operator! She was by far the best choice, even when she needs to wear a fake beard for the role. And the overall cast is unbelievable! We have been managing the production for the past couple of months and it’s been super fun and frustrating at the same time. And it has been extra superduper hard to keep the lid on it. It has been the best kept secret in Hollywood, but not anymore! Ladies and gentlemen, here is the debut poster for the film!!!


We are battling the big boys on the other side of the ocean on which one gets released first, the game or the movie. It’s a David vs. Goliath standoff. But, we’re going to win! The movie is scheduled for the holidays. Even as we’ve had to push back the game’s release hopefully for the very last time to September/October we will be victorious. But the boys in Hollywood sure know their stuff. They came up with the perfect tagline. For we feel exactly the same. :D


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    • TimBNL
    • April 1st, 2016 3:47pm

    Will be release on April the 1st in 2017, right?

    • Hih :D The non joke part of this was that finally the launch window is actually September/October. :)

    • fred
    • April 1st, 2016 4:03pm

    If not for the date of this notice, it would have been great news. Even though, one could easily consider that a quality sci-fi movie could be created with the Reset concept.

    • Hey, it would be cool. And as a matter of fact some time back we were actually talking with a representative form the big H to possibly make it happen, but the circumstances and time were wrong. So who knows what might happen. :)

    • Patrick
    • April 1st, 2016 5:10pm


    I want my money back.
    No joke.

    • Hey Patric. We apologize for being quiet again for so long. This post was just us trying to be clever and humoristic about the very painful fact (which eats us from the inside) that we are late and letting you guys know that the launch is finally happening in September/October.

        • Patrick
        • April 2nd, 2016 4:58pm

        As I wrote and sent a message via Indiegogo: I refund and await my money back in few days.

        I read enough about the message “next two Quarters”. You both have no real aim and the risks are high enough to leave the ship soon enough before its on the ground.

        Since months there’s nothing to report about the fulfilled tasks, business planing and next steps. But for wrong tasks like jokes and failing messages there’s enough space.

        Reset -was- a nice idea
        with a great chance at its time.
        But its too late for now and later.

        Spend your time for other successful works. And next time, please write down a full business plan, game design document and project time schedule before asking for money again.

    • bob de builder
    • April 1st, 2016 5:24pm

    i will take a refund
    your update are “£$%
    No game news No release Date No point

    • Hey Mr. Builder. Sorry for the bluntness, we were just trying to be clever and humoristic about the painful fact that we are late and letting you guys know that the launch is finally happening in September/October.

      We hope you can bear with us as we’re busting our humps to make the game we promised and you deserve.

    • Reset fan
    • April 1st, 2016 6:23pm

    Well until I read a comment about April first I was stunned. Well played chaps, I feel like a utter April Fools noob! lol

    • MJay
    • April 1st, 2016 9:41pm

    Not even to question about it. Totally going to happen :)
    GJ. in Theory.

  1. hhhh nice.
    looking like a good idea. combine of wall-e and marvel

    • D-Rock
    • April 3rd, 2016 1:01am

    I hate it when people get butt-hurt over a light-hearted joke.

    • BD
    • April 10th, 2016 8:07am

    It’s gonna be pretty embarrassing if this game isn’t out by Halloween.

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  3. She was by far the best choice, even when she needs to wear a fake beard for the role.

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