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#theorythursday loc

Keep’em lean and mean, lines of code that is. Middleware not included. 🙂reset_loc


Yoyoyo! Trying to find time to keep you guys informed is a bit of a task for our two man team, so let’s simplify things! As of today, we are launching a lighter and more frequent communication method called ‪#‎theorythursday‬. Every Thursday we’ll be posting a pic and a blurb somehow related to the development. Here is the first one \o/


In Theory… Progress.


Quick sitrep: Good progress has been made since the beta demo. We are launching our proper (the one where you can actually vote) Greenlight campaign at the end of this month accompanied by new footage and an optimized version of the demo. Game launch schedule will also be revealed at that time. Thanks again to all for the feedback and your patience regarding the technical issues.

We’ve entered a competition at a brand new game discovery site called to participate this years Gamescom. Want to help us showcase Reset at Gamescom? Then sign up at Playfield and give your tumbs up for Reset 🙂 The competition rules can be found here.

Oh and here are a couple of wip shots of the lonely  F(o)under Monument commemorating all the brave souls who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the island. 😀

funder_wall_01 funder_wall_02 funder_wall_03