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In Theory… Release update and DK2

Yoyoyo what’s happening dudes/dudettes!

A quick update is in order. It’s been a tight couple of months here at Atelier de Théorie (the latest nickname for our newish office space). About the release of Reset: Although we haven’t given an exact release date we’ve been talking about a Christmas release. Despite our best efforts we must overshoot Christmas for the release. The main reason is that we want to create a great game for you and we don’t want to cut important corners just to make the Christmas deadline. We think that it is better to delay the release a bit than release an unfinished game. We haven’t set a new release window yet.

The Oculus Rift DK2 kits finally arrived and oh boy the improvement over the DK1. We’ve implemented support for the DK2 and are working on improving performance. As you know rendering high quality stuff for one monitor is a hassle so you might imagine rendering high quality stuff for both eyes being a non-trivial thing. New tech, so it’s a learning process for us as well.

So despite the delay, the game is progressing nicely. And meanwhile waiting for Reset to get done our boys at Almost Human are just coming out with Legend of Grimrock 2! Releasing October 15th! Get it now at (Unabashed advertising 🙂 )

Keep on truckin’, we’ll do that too 😉