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In Theory… Campaign analysis

So begins 2014, the year of Reset. Having come down from the high induced by the Christmas miracle created by all you guys, it’s time to get down to serious business again (as serious as game development can be ūüôā ). To kick it off, we thought we’d do a sort of post-mortem on the campaign and share the campaign data.

But first a BIG HUGE THANKS goes TO ALL OF YOU GUYS for jumping at the cause at the last minute! Big hand to our competition winners Marin Z, brett.caughie and Sam Rudge. ¬†Special honorable mention goes to all our friends who helped spread the word like crazy, especially¬†Almost Human,¬†Thomas Puha, Sonja √Ąngeslev√§, Mikael Haveri,¬†Pekka Aakko¬†and Santeri R√§ih√§ for his unreal email effort towards news sites. And thanks to the sites that published news on the campaign:¬†Rock Paper Shotgun, DSO Gaming, Kotaku, Joystiq, OnlySP, GamingBolt, Polygon, Strategyinformer, Adventuregamers, Eurogamer,¬†TFN,¬†Complex,¬†PCGH(ger),¬†Dome(fin), Pelaaja(fin), Pelit(fin),¬†Gamereactor(fin), V2(fin) and Tilt(fin), and of course all those we forgot to mention. And of course, NVIDIA¬†for blasting through their channels! Last but not least Indiegogo and¬†John Vaskis¬†for huge support and advice! Couldn’t have done it with out you all.

So here is what happened. Read more