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In Theory… V

Hello everybody!

It’s good to be back. Summer vacations and baby deliveries are over, thank goodness. No but seriously, a break away from the norm was extremely good, and now we are psyched and pumped and ready to rock. Actually we’ve been back for a few weeks already, furiously working on the gameplay. I’m happy to say that we’re making good progress and will be showing gameplay before the year is over.

If all things go as planned (which they always do, especially in the gaming industry 🙂 ), we are looking at a 2013 release. And we are preparing a crowdfunding project with some neat rewards for the last phase of the development. So all of you who have expressed the interest to become a part of this project and contribute can finally do so. But more on that when the time comes.

Enough blabbering, get back to work! (The voice inside my head is yelling, I must obey 🙂 )