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Reset Design Philosophy: Chapter I – Origins

In the beginning there was a thought: “There are these cool and mesmerizing indie movies like Moon and Cube with “small” budgets but seemingly big production values and essence ten times the amount of an average big budget blockbuster flick.” (Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy “blow’em all up”-actioners as much as the next guy, and the equivalent in games.) “But why aren’t there these popular indie -titles in the gaming space, we’d really like to play some”

Well the answer is a rather obvious one. Generalizing a bit, to create a believable fictional world on film, one basically does not need more than a camera. In games everything has to be built, which by today’s standards doesn’t come cheap.

Still the thought lingered. In the one hand a thought of a game with unsurpassed visual quality, a gripping game mechanic and a smart storyline diving into the deep end of a non-linear storytelling medium. And in the other a short story with temporal play written a few years back. Hmm, well whadda’ya know. They match! And not just match but intertwine meticulously wrapping itself in a tight ball of… something. Something unknown but very interesting, on paper anyway.

After that there was a discussion, which more or less went like this:

“But we need at least a budget of a gazillion bucks and ten truckloads of devs to pull this off, we don’t have that kind of money.”

“Yeah true, that is a major drag. But hey, I know, I have a great idea. What if we just ignore all that?”

“Hey that’s an excellent idea!”

And here we are.

Wrapped meticulously in a ball of… something! How will our dynamic duo start to unwrap themselves from its tight grip? Tune in next week, same Reset-time, same Reset-channel!

*Disclamer: Reset time might be different next week* 😉

Oh almost forgot to mention, we are working on a teaser trailer, which is nearly complete. Keep your pantyhose on 🙂