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In Philosophy… II


Update posts too few and too far apart, brain and and hands jammed in a creation position… and and I’m out of coffee. Oh and it’s finally snowing outside. Definitely calls for a bit of philosophy… and a hammer. And more coffee.

But more on that later. First things first: status report. Construction of the actual game world has begun \o/. We finally migrated to our production scene structure, that is final enough to begin using as a creation tool. The animation system and related gameplay stuff is proceeding nicely, or as we like to say “slowly but uncertainly.” 😀 The game’s puzzles involve a lot of physics and tweaking them is tedious work as we have to and want to experiment. Work continues fiercely on all fronts and the end of the year is closing fast.

Which brings us nicely to the topic at hand; The Art of Progress Updates.

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