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Steam Greenlight Voting is Active NOW!

Heyheyhey guys and gals!!!

We’re suuuuuper stoked, voting for Reset to be on Steam has finally begun. \o/ The game is moving forward and we’re targeting a Spring 2016 release.

Want to play Reset right now? No problem!

Help Reset to get on Steam by voting and grab your Greenlight Demo at

The demo content is the same as in the Beta Demo, but optimized an updated. The Greenlight demo also has an installer, so it should be hassle free to get it going. The performance has increased significantly but bear in mind that the game is still work in progress so all kinds of improvements and changes are still on the way. The demo works with the Oculus Rift BUT it’s not optimized for it yet.

New footage is also on the way in a few days. We’ll be shouting when it’s online!

Really cool stuff!! Rock on!



In Theory… Fan art!!!!

A small break in deving is in order to bring you this, our very first piece of fan art. Yesterday we received this unreal amigurumi 02. There is so much win in this, totally bad ass and adorable at the same time! It’s so full of awesomeness that we can’t even. Huge big thanks to Liisa Ollikka for this totally amazing present!!!!

IMG_8916_edit Read more

In Theory… T-shirts have arrived!

The funder t-shirts are finally here! We will be shipping them out to funders who selected the appropriate perks soon. 🙂

The awesome Reset funder t-shirt!

In Theory… A gift to all Indiegogo campaign contributors!

Happy Holidays!

Since this is the season of giving and giving gives us much joy, we have a present for you. If the campaign is successful, every contributor (not counting the Support Pack Perk) will receive:

A second Digital Copy of Reset!

So that is two copies with the price of one! And those who selected a Perk containing the physical copy will receive three copies in total. One physical and two digital.

Give a gift to a friend or relative, or team up with your friend to get the game at half price!

What is better than getting presents for this Christmas? Well, getting presents for Next Christmas of course! 🙂

Merry Christmas,

Alpo & Mikko

In Theory… Change The Future! Now with Oculus Rift! Only 7 days left to make it happen!

Yoyoyo peeps!

Final week of our campaign just started. Thank you all who have contributed and spread the word so far! We’re at a 40% of our goal of 65K€, which is very very good, but still 40K€ to go to the goal.  We’ve seen the future, now is the time to change it! 😀

We finally received the Oculus Rift dev kit a while ago and we are supersupersuper excited about it! It’s just perfect for Reset, hands down. From the beginning we set out to create a game where you can really feel the atmosphere and now the Rift can take the experience beyond what we hoped to achieve originally. So yeah, Reset will support the Rift. 🙂

Here are a couple of images using the dev kit (ver 1.1)

In Theory… 10000€ Indiegogo campaign milestone reached!–4

A HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed and spread the word!!!! Campaign is looking good, we are on our way! More to come, stay tuned. 🙂

Alpo & Mikko

Important Notice Concerning Our Indiegogo Campaign!

Finnish law does not allow companies to accept donations without compensation. Therefore we cannot accept contributions without perks. If you want to contribute, please select a perk. Thank you!