Happy Valentine’s Day!

Music has been a huge part of setting the right mood for Reset from the very beginning of the development. Usually music comes into play at the latter stages of production but we felt that in order to have a focused production period we need to have a clear picture in our heads of the feel and emotion we’re aiming for. Since these are very abstract concepts, one has to have something to work from. Pictures and concept art work fine, but for us communicating with music has been very helpful.

For a Valentine’s Day gift we’d like to present this piece of music that Mikko composed as part of the Reset soundtrack. It is strongly tied to the story of the game but also works as a standalone piece. It also has some definite Valentine’s Day flavor to it.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

mp3 download: Reset – Time Heals (preview)

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    • klukitsi
    • February 16th, 2012 11:26pm

    I found this game by a link from the Grimrock -team, and this game is looking really promising. Your “unique idea” seems really cool, unlike many indie games’ ideas. The screenshots also look absolutely gorgeous. The song is really good too.

    I can’t wait to see more information revealed. How far are you into the development? Is it possible to see it released in 2012?

    • Hmm
    • February 17th, 2012 10:26pm

    Hello dear developers, came here from the Legend of Grimrock blog site as well, while I knew about the game’s existence for a while now and am very much looking forward to it, just decided to say hi and assure you I’m hoping the game proves to be great success for you. πŸ™‚

      • Hmm
      • February 17th, 2012 10:30pm

      Clicked the “submit comment” button too early…
      That’s a WONDERFUL piece of music, I can imagine it bringing a tear to a player’s eye when used in a strongly emotinonal scene.
      Can we download this track somehow?

      • Hi, and thanks. I added a dl link to the song below the player. There should have been a dl button on the player… but there wasn’t πŸ™‚

          • Hmm
          • February 24th, 2012 9:34pm

          Thank you!

    • Caironater
    • February 18th, 2012 12:45pm

    Could you please post a download for Time Heals? Great job so far on everything btw!

    • I added a dl link below the player, enjoy πŸ™‚

        • Caironater
        • February 18th, 2012 9:40pm

        Thank you very much!

    • Jemlee
    • February 18th, 2012 4:24pm

    Great! Is the game’s mood going to be more Portal-like humorous or more serious.

    • This one is going to be on the more serious side of the spectrum.

  1. Thank you all for your feedback on the music!

  2. Like the blog

    • Halmir
    • February 22nd, 2012 4:38pm

    No, serioualy, guys..
    you and AH are blowing my mind!!! :O
    Keep up the good works, men! xD

    p.s. don’t blame me for my poor english..i’m italian! ^^”

  3. That’s really a good song !
    I will pass often to watch future news.
    I found too the link on the Grimrock’s Blog.

    ps: don’t blame me too for my horrible english … i’m french.

  4. thanks for share!

    • Ashe
    • April 27th, 2012 12:03am

    I love this piece of music so much ,it’s beautiful and fits the trailer perfectly.
    Could we possibly have a higher quality version up for download though?

    • Thanks, we’ll see what we can do about a better quality version.

  5. ΒΏAll sound are MIDI?

    PD: Yes sir, evocative piece.

    • Mithre
    • April 27th, 2012 1:49am

    From the emotional feel of this track (and also the eye-candy trailer), I can say that the game will make every player drench in awesomeness the time it will be released.

    TL;DR = You sirs, are awesome.

    • DocBlood
    • April 27th, 2012 6:56am

    WOW! Great graphic and music. Hope to see and hear more soon!

    • Raner
    • April 27th, 2012 3:46pm

    I LOVE that soundtrack thank you so much!

    • Zenphic
    • April 28th, 2012 3:09am

    Love the soundtrack!

    • Andeby
    • May 2nd, 2012 2:44am

    Amazing soundtrack for what will be an amazing game!

    I hope you will have more music as awesome as this in the game, and I hope you release all the music you use! πŸ™‚


  6. Good atmosphere, very good fit here!

    • Jekoh
    • December 16th, 2012 6:10am

    Beautiful music, simply stunning.

    Would it be possible to release a MIDI version of this piece?

    I use the program Synthesia to learn music on the piano (lame, I know, but it’s the only way I learn) but Synthesia only accepts the input of a MIDI file to create the notes

    I suppose the sheet music would be helpful as well though

    Thanks & good luck with the game, can’t wait to see the next progess

    • Ashley
    • February 4th, 2013 11:27am

    Your work is phenomenal. This piece of music is sensational. Can we expect any quotes for Valentines day this year? The quotes from the others bears great testament to you. Keep up the good work.

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  8. I can’t wait for the game’s release. It looks like my type of game.
    good job guys. here is a thumbs up(i hope)
    | |
    \ \
    ______| \
    |_____| \_____

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