In Theory… Greenlight post mortem.


As we’re making good progress towards the full release we thought we’d make some noise and share our Greenlight stats. The journey took 11 days to get greenlit in our case and actually was not that eventful. :D The stats however are at least somewhat interesting as they can add to the discussion of theĀ current state of the Greenlight system.

Here are the stats at the time of getting greenlit.

A photo of the stats screen... because you know... IT is hard! :D

A photo of the stats screen… because you know… taking a proper screenshot is hard! :D


We were ranked #3 out of ~1600 games in Greenlight most of the 11 day period. And what our 7425 yes votes tell us (besides the obvious :) ) is that from the 141M total active users (Steam Spy stats) it is not that much. What we’ve heard from our colleagues in the gaming industry the number of votes needed to get greenlit and especially hit the top ranks was multiple times higher just a year ago. Also the AVG. TOP 50 numbers were over four times higher. The whole system is still clearly in decline. And regardless of Valve’s announcement of dropping the system two years ago, it is still here.

And for us, it’s a good thing. We are happy and grateful to all you guys to have been greenlit :) It is interesting to see if/when Valve will pull the plug on Greenlight system and if they will open up the Steam store front for everyone as their endeavor seems to be.

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    • IvanL
    • November 26th, 2015 11:54pm

    If i knew about the greenlight i would definitely hit a vote. But alas struggling with my own business with graphic design and 3D printing so everything else including free game time is unfortunately scarce for me these days. Looking forward to the game, a hope you guys finish it.

    • moshe
    • January 27th, 2016 8:27pm

    where do I download it ?

    • Domovik
    • February 13th, 2016 5:52pm

    How do you made Praxis engine? I can see many algorithmic work in this engine. Did you coded from 0? Or use libraries?

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  2. The journey took 11 days to get greenlit in our case and actually was not that eventful.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. We all are happy and grateful to have been greenlit.