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In Theory… You are only human

Hey there, it’s been a while since our last real game progress report. So now is the perfect time. 🙂

We’ve been doing some stuff and then some more stuff. And then even more stuff. This time we’re going over a little bit of the UI and cockpit interface.

Cockpit you say? You might or might not have picked up from our debut trailer that you are playing actually as the human inside the G.E.O mech suit. The cockpit has a twin role in the game. It serves as both a menu platform and as a gameplay element.

As we’re really focusing on taking you to another place we didn’t want to have a separate menu lobby. Once you launch the game from your desktop you are in the game world. You are inside the mech. All the game’s menus are accessible through the monitors in the cockpit. You select by looking at the desired choice. A small cursor appears on the monitors when looked at to help choose the right menu item. We are still working to find the right sizes for the menu items to ensure ease of use. You switch from internal view (cockpit) to external view (mech) by pressing Esc. Note that the cockpit is a work in progress and showing the same work in progress content as a place holder on all the monitors.

Cockpit Work In Progress

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