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In Theory… Reset Beta Demo


Funders ahoy! Check your emails. Everyone else, there is nothing to see here. Please step back, there is nothing to see here. 😉

In Theory… Einstein was right

Heyyyyy guys and gals!

Phew! Sorrryyy for being quiet again. Einstein’s Theory of Interactivity (see what we did there) predicts that time slows down as you move closer to a deadline. We can confirm that this does indeed happen. Hold on to your hats just a little longer. Beta demo is on its way.

IMG_8735_edit IMG_8785_edit

In Theory… Funder beta demo is on its way

Hi folks!

As the meme goes: “No time to explain!” The funder exclusive beta demo is only a few weeks out, so if you were a part the IndieGoGo campaign you will be contacted with the download information after Christmas, yay \o/

In the meantime, here’s a screenshot of a gameplay element featured in the demo. 🙂


In Theory… Release update and DK2

Yoyoyo what’s happening dudes/dudettes!

A quick update is in order. It’s been a tight couple of months here at Atelier de Théorie (the latest nickname for our newish office space). About the release of Reset: Although we haven’t given an exact release date we’ve been talking about a Christmas release. Despite our best efforts we must overshoot Christmas for the release. The main reason is that we want to create a great game for you and we don’t want to cut important corners just to make the Christmas deadline. We think that it is better to delay the release a bit than release an unfinished game. We haven’t set a new release window yet.

The Oculus Rift DK2 kits finally arrived and oh boy the improvement over the DK1. We’ve implemented support for the DK2 and are working on improving performance. As you know rendering high quality stuff for one monitor is a hassle so you might imagine rendering high quality stuff for both eyes being a non-trivial thing. New tech, so it’s a learning process for us as well.

So despite the delay, the game is progressing nicely. And meanwhile waiting for Reset to get done our boys at Almost Human are just coming out with Legend of Grimrock 2! Releasing October 15th! Get it now at (Unabashed advertising 🙂 )

Keep on truckin’, we’ll do that too 😉

In Theory… You are only human

Hey there, it’s been a while since our last real game progress report. So now is the perfect time. 🙂

We’ve been doing some stuff and then some more stuff. And then even more stuff. This time we’re going over a little bit of the UI and cockpit interface.

Cockpit you say? You might or might not have picked up from our debut trailer that you are playing actually as the human inside the G.E.O mech suit. The cockpit has a twin role in the game. It serves as both a menu platform and as a gameplay element.

As we’re really focusing on taking you to another place we didn’t want to have a separate menu lobby. Once you launch the game from your desktop you are in the game world. You are inside the mech. All the game’s menus are accessible through the monitors in the cockpit. You select by looking at the desired choice. A small cursor appears on the monitors when looked at to help choose the right menu item. We are still working to find the right sizes for the menu items to ensure ease of use. You switch from internal view (cockpit) to external view (mech) by pressing Esc. Note that the cockpit is a work in progress and showing the same work in progress content as a place holder on all the monitors.

Cockpit Work In Progress

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In Theory… New office

Hello all!

Writing just to let you know that we are alive. So… we’re alive. We’re keeping our heads down and concentrating on the development thus the slight radio silence. We’ve moved to a new office space dubbed the “Theory Lair” and it’s marvelous. Some work needs to be done to it as well. 🙂

Theory Lair, blank canvas

In Theory… Reset is the “Sensation of the Year”!


Reset won the “The Sensation of the Year”  award at the Finnish Game Awards last night! We really really didn’t see this coming and we are truly mind blown but we are super proud to receive this acknowledgment. This is truly bigger than us as it really shows that the Finnish gaming community is a forward thinking entity. Super big thanks to IGDA Finland and Neogames for arranging and hosting the event!

I’ll just leave this here 🙂

In Theory… T-shirts have arrived!

The funder t-shirts are finally here! We will be shipping them out to funders who selected the appropriate perks soon. 🙂

The awesome Reset funder t-shirt!

In Theory… An audio announcement! And VR!

Hey hey hey!

Development continues steadily on all fronts. From world (level) design to meeting with the GOG guys, from anti-aliasing to audio tech implementation.

Speaking of audio we have an exciting announcement to make. The award winning audio producer/designer Mr. Ari Pulkkinen (Resogun, Best PS4 Sound IGN awards 2013, is joining the team as the audio designer for Reset. We are highly excited to get Ari and his broad expertise and expressiveness on board and Ari is likewise excited for the opportunity to create the audioscape for the world of Reset. Ari will be working closely with us to really capture and deliver the strong emotion and feel that we’re are aiming for. Mikko is of course still composing the musical score.

Mikko, Reset and the Oculus Rift DK1.

In the heart of Theory there is immersion. And these times of rising VR are highly exciting to us (even with the Facebook acquisition 🙂 ) as it is a way to create better immersion. What this means is that we will be putting a lot of effort into the Oculus Rift version of the game. Including binaural audioscape. The new Oculus Rift DK2 kits were ordered immediately as they came available, so hopefully we will be getting them in July when they begin shipping.

Cool stuff happening all around! Coolness!

In Theory… Campaign analysis

So begins 2014, the year of Reset. Having come down from the high induced by the Christmas miracle created by all you guys, it’s time to get down to serious business again (as serious as game development can be 🙂 ). To kick it off, we thought we’d do a sort of post-mortem on the campaign and share the campaign data.

But first a BIG HUGE THANKS goes TO ALL OF YOU GUYS for jumping at the cause at the last minute! Big hand to our competition winners Marin Z, brett.caughie and Sam Rudge.  Special honorable mention goes to all our friends who helped spread the word like crazy, especially Almost HumanThomas Puha, Sonja Ängeslevä, Mikael HaveriPekka Aakko and Santeri Räihä for his unreal email effort towards news sites. And thanks to the sites that published news on the campaign: Rock Paper Shotgun, DSO Gaming, Kotaku, Joystiq, OnlySP, GamingBolt, Polygon, Strategyinformer, Adventuregamers, EurogamerTFNComplexPCGH(ger), Dome(fin), Pelaaja(fin), Pelit(fin), Gamereactor(fin), V2(fin) and Tilt(fin), and of course all those we forgot to mention. And of course, NVIDIA for blasting through their channels! Last but not least Indiegogo and John Vaskis for huge support and advice! Couldn’t have done it with out you all.

So here is what happened. Read more