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In Theory… Still here

For some reason people think we’ve come this far to quit. :o Might have something to do with our delays. :? :oops: And our lack of online presence. =^-^=  Well friends, we haven’t ;) <3 theory_telegram

In Theory… 13 minutes of gameplay

Hello fellow travelers.

The day was the 13th. It was the 13th hour. There was 13 minutes of gameplay.

More news on the release next week :)

In Theory… News coming in a jiffy

Yoyoyo dear people sooooorry for being super quiet again. From the depths we rise again (in 4K). News on the launch coming soooon.


In Theory… Launch postponed. In 4K.

Hello dear people!

With only two days away from our intended release we have to uphold traditions and push back the date.

Why the delay? Completing a project of this magnitude is a rather large undertaking for two people. And we suck at giving estimates. With all the heart and mind that we’ve put into this, stumbling out the door (which is an overstatement) at this point would be rather stupid. We want to get the game out to you asap but we also release it properly or we will regret it later.

Why didn’t we notify about the delay sooner? For the past months we’ve been knee deep in finalizing the game. Up until recently we were still on track but dropping tasks related to the release. It was but a few days ago that we took our heads out of the development sand and had to make the hard call.

What now? We’re going to take a couple of days to regroup and formulate the final steps.

We’re truly sorry for the delay and hope these raw untouched 4K screenshots of the finalized nature alleviate some of the pain. :)

Alpo & Mikko

reset_nature_1 reset_nature_2 reset_nature_3 reset_nature_4


In Theory… Launch Date


Well there you have it! This is it guys, last push. Wohooo! :) :) :)

Our key art here is painted by the crazily talented and expressive Andrey Surnov who was a real pleasure and honor to be working with. His unique style, especially when it comes to lighting and texturing was really what caught our eye . Strong yet detailed and expressive. He was able to capture just the perfect moment. The perfect moment.

In Theory… A Hollywood Movie!


Oh boy do we have an amazing announcement for you guys and gals! Reset is being made into a big budget blockbuster Hollywood movie!!!!!111!!1! With none other than Sandra Bullock as the mysterious mech operator! She was by far the best choice, even when she needs to wear a fake beard for the role. And the overall cast is unbelievable! We have been managing the production for the past couple of months and it’s been super fun and frustrating at the same time. And it has been extra superduper hard to keep the lid on it. It has been the best kept secret in Hollywood, but not anymore! Ladies and gentlemen, here is the debut poster for the film!!!


We are battling the big boys on the other side of the ocean on which one gets released first, the game or the movie. It’s a David vs. Goliath standoff. But, we’re going to win! The movie is scheduled for the holidays. Even as we’ve had to push back the game’s release hopefully for the very last time to September/October we will be victorious. But the boys in Hollywood sure know their stuff. They came up with the perfect tagline. For we feel exactly the same. :D


In Theory… Greenlight post mortem.


As we’re making good progress towards the full release we thought we’d make some noise and share our Greenlight stats. The journey took 11 days to get greenlit in our case and actually was not that eventful. :D The stats however are at least somewhat interesting as they can add to the discussion of the current state of the Greenlight system.

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In Theory… Progress.


Quick sitrep: Good progress has been made since the beta demo. We are launching our proper (the one where you can actually vote) Greenlight campaign at the end of this month accompanied by new footage and an optimized version of the demo. Game launch schedule will also be revealed at that time. Thanks again to all for the feedback and your patience regarding the technical issues.

We’ve entered a competition at a brand new game discovery site called to participate this years Gamescom. Want to help us showcase Reset at Gamescom? Then sign up at Playfield and give your tumbs up for Reset :) The competition rules can be found here.

Oh and here are a couple of wip shots of the lonely  F(o)under Monument commemorating all the brave souls who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the island. :D

funder_wall_01 funder_wall_02 funder_wall_03

In Theory… Reset Beta Demo


Funders ahoy! Check your emails. Everyone else, there is nothing to see here. Please step back, there is nothing to see here. ;)

In Theory… Einstein was right

Heyyyyy guys and gals!

Phew! Sorrryyy for being quiet again. Einstein’s Theory of Interactivity (see what we did there) predicts that time slows down as you move closer to a deadline. We can confirm that this does indeed happen. Hold on to your hats just a little longer. Beta demo is on its way.

IMG_8735_edit IMG_8785_edit