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In Theory… We like bureaucrazy

Ok, so where are we? A quick Sunday update on what’s happening.

First off, thanks all for the enormously great feedback! Yet again energy reserves boosted to continue steadily on this road. And apologies for not replying to your latest comments. I will get to them this coming week. Seems we really need to start setting up a FAQ section or a forum. πŸ˜€

But yeah, so what is the campaign holdup? Shortly, bureaucracy. We’ve been set up for a week now, but we’re still waiting for the red tape to clear. We made the noob mistake of thinking that the cogs of yesterday’s world would turn at a swifter pace. Doing something for the first time has its ups and downs. No matter, this is luckily just a minor delay, and there is a saying I like to use sometimes especially when someone is nervous about some trivial time related issue. So I’ll say it to myself: “What’s the rush in a ready world?” Huh, thanks man! Relaxing now. πŸ™‚

Anyhoo our spirits are high as ever! Work continues normally and hopefully we get to launch the campaign next week.

Keep it tight people,


In Theory… Crowdfunding starts tomorrow!

Help! panic! Must not fear, steadily walk onto dawn.

Oh and the site is Indiegogo. Links to the campaign and gameplay teaser will be provided tomorrow morning Finnish time. And did I already mention… Panic! πŸ˜€

In Theory… New screens and Steam Greenlight (sort of)

Hello peeps!

Things are progressing nicely and we’ve submitted Reset to Steam Greenlight. It is in the concept category, since the game is not ready enough to be submitted to the actual game category. So voting for the game doesn’t count towards getting Reset Greenlit yet.

As stated before, the gameplay premiere teaser is scheduled to be released October 28th and we’ll be starting the crowd funding campaign at the same time.

Oh almost forgot. Here are four new screenshots. πŸ™‚

Happy Friday The 13th!

Bad luck Friday they say… hogwash we say. Here is an uplifting screenshot to prove it. πŸ™‚


In Theory… The toilet is functioning again.

This is our toilet.

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In Theory… We’re Back!

After taking a break for exactly 100 days we dusted our keyboards and fired up the Theory engines again today. And boy does it feel good!

We’re picking up where we left off, crunching the gameplay reveal stuff together. Once we clear all the boring but mandatory paperwork out of the way first Β πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

So, coolness is on it’s way again! Stay tuned!

In Theory… Greatness delayed

Hello friends. From the deep dungeons of creation we crawl back to the surface only to inform that the gameplay premiere will be delayed some more. We were aiming to release gameplay stuff Β next week before my paternity leave kicks in, but despite working night and day, even skipping all social contacts, we’re not happy with it yet. This is life folks.

So the next couple of months will be dedicated to kids and the development of Reset will continue slowly in the background. The step away from the project will probably be good also, gives us time to clear our heads and eyes and most of all, play games! πŸ™‚

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey guys, here’s a sneak preview of what’s on the way. Lonely mechs need some love too, ay. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! πŸ˜€

In Theory… VII

Yo yo yo!

Ok so we’re about to dive into the last phase of proofing the gameplay and preparing the crowd funding campaign. We will focus on those solely, so the next post we update will be the gameplay trailer and campaign start \o/. We still have a lot to do but it’s so close we can almost taste the crunch (pun intended). πŸ™‚

To make the wait a lot harder here are some wallpapers from the first trailer. πŸ˜€

See you on the other side!

In Philosophy… II


Update posts too few and too far apart, brain and and hands jammed in a creation position… and and I’m out of coffee. Oh and it’s finally snowing outside. Definitely calls for a bit of philosophy… and a hammer. And more coffee.

But more on that later. First things first: status report. Construction of the actual game world has begun \o/. We finally migrated to our production scene structure, that is final enough to begin using as a creation tool. The animation system and related gameplay stuff is proceeding nicely, or as we like to say “slowly but uncertainly.” πŸ˜€ The game’s puzzles involve a lot of physics and tweaking them isΒ tediousΒ work as we have to and want to experiment. Work continues fiercely on all fronts and the end of the year is closing fast.

Which brings us nicely to the topic at hand; The Art of Progress Updates.

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