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In Theory… Game Over

Dear friends and fans. It is with the heaviest hearts we have to inform you that we’re officially suspending the development of Reset indefinitely and closing down shop. The tl;dr reason for this is simply that we are utterly and totally spent. Mentally, physically and financially.

For the past few years we have been doing outsourcing jobs to try to buy the time to finish what we set out to do but this approach has been really exhausting and not really a viable development solution. Our goal for Reset was to build something unique from our hearts and minds without being driven by some third party economic forces and to a point we were well on our way, thanks to you backers. Even though we knew we set out on an enormously ambitious path we were confident we could make the journey.

“- But we need at least a budget of a gazillion bucks and ten truckloads of devs to pull this off, we don’t have that kind of money.

– Yeah true, that is a major drag. But hey, I know, I have a great idea. What if we just ignore all that? – Hey that’s an excellent idea!”

This is a discussion quote between Mikko and me from one of our posts in the very beginning, a flat decade ago.

From all this you might guess that this decision does not come lightly. And you are right. The fact is that with the current velocity we would still need at least two years and with our depleted resources this just is not possible. Our failure is to blame on our own short comings in project management combined with our ridiculously high goal but also on our refusal to play by the rules of greed. We have been shoe stringing this whole time but at some point even the string runs out. Especially for me this project is a character defining dream project and I refuse to say that we have given up.


We have to let it go.

Almost ironically this is the main theme in the story of Reset. Or rather what might happen if one is incapable of letting go of a majorly important but tragically heavy thing. Often that person is slowly but surely incapacitated and sucked dry of life under the weight or killed by a huge white whale.

Despite the endless struggles, the past decade has been the most gratifying and fulfilling for us since we have been working to build for you something we feel meaningful and important. Creating a virtual world in which to experience a story through game play and immersion. We’ve all grown up amid different stories, fictional and real life which have shaped and expanded our world view. Our mission was to contribute to this cycle to the best of our abilities.

Our own story turned out to be different than we expected but that is exactly how life works and where life emerges from. Even though we didn’t get to finish our fictional story, we did produce a story. To some it might be a red flag to not try do anything because you will get burned and to some it might be just the opposite. And therein lies the beauty of stories. Best stories make you think.

We wish that we could refund all you backers but like said, we are spent. There really are no good words to describe the humble and enormous gratitude we feel towards you and at the same time we understand that those words are hollow and meaningless when there is no game and no refund. If we simply could transform into the game or the refund cash, we would.

One has to go to the edge of man, to know where the edge lies. We have no regrets but from the bottom of our hearts we are truly sorry for not being able to deliver what we promised.

We thank all our friends and colleagues at other companies and members of the press for contributing to our story and helping us along the way but mostly we thank you our dear backers. The most painful splinter and eternal gratitude will stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

For inquires, business and venting, contact us at

This is Mikko and Alpo from Theory Interactive, signing off.

This is a letter we wrote some time ago. We we’re ready to call it. Through, done, kaput. Mentally we totally let go of the project. But something kept us from sending it the letter.

As the acute grip of a slowly accumulated total burnout has let go we’ve had some time to breathe. After the initial shock and depression, a calmness and clarity emerges.

The edge. You are naked when the edge really comes. After a while different paths become visible, some new some old. And there it was. Something very important had gotten lost along the way. Our voice, our artform. Doing this project is and has been speaking our voice. Our language. Our way of communicating. Speaking our own voice has given us strength to be us as individuals and as a group. It is and has been character defining.

This edge has revealed the true options of action. Buckle under the expectations of society regarding success and the “correct” way to do stuff and abandon something that manifests our values and interests, or have the strength to stand for what we believe in. This company and project stands for our believe that for a person to be the best they can be is to have the freedom to learn, grow, explore and express on their own pace. A person who respects their own endeavors is ready to respect others.

So despite the raunchy post title and the original letter standing true, we’re still not done yet, but the future of the project is unclear.

Now having had some time to shed some (a lot) unwanted and heavy excess mental baggage, it is time to regroup, put the kettle on, re-balance our jaded work/life and see how the winds will turn.


Alpo & Mikko

In Theory… Alien Blackout


Hey hey hey!

Ok so, some while back this funny thing happened. And by funny I mean a “CRAZY SUPER COOL LIFE LONG DREAM COME TRUE!” -type thing. We got the opportunity to contribute and take part in the. one. and. only. ALIEN universe!!! Huh, is this real, did I just write that, is the game about to be released?!?!

Huh, had to calm down there for a bit. Alien, H.R.Giger, Dan O’Bannon, Ridley Scott and James Cameron and their works have been the biggest inspirations throughout my creative life. When I was old enough, my first tattoo was the Alien on my left shoulder. To say I’m a fan is an under and overstatement. After being exposed to Alien (at too early an age) it was love and death from first sight. From the coldest nightmares to deep obsession, there was something that resonated to the core. Overstatement in the sense that the level of direction and appreciation and lessons learned through these pieces would be impossible if blinded by pure fandom. It takes healthy criticism to see all the different layers at which these stories work and why. In this creative mind Alien/s, Terminator, Abyss, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Total Recall etc. from the late 70s to the 90s are a major input and Reset is the output (ok so some games might have affected as well).

When the opportunity to co-develop an actual Alien game with Rival Games was presented, there was no hesitation. As core PC/console developers we saw eye-to-eye from the get-go that we wanted to create a no BS Alien experience. Having played and deeply enjoyed (and a couple heart attacks suffered) Alien Isolation (played through with the Oculus Rift), our task wasn’t going to be easy, especially taking the mobile platform into account. If one word would be used to describe the whole that is the Alien, it would be ‘unknown’. Unknown what it is, where it is, what it does, where it came from. Its eyes concealed, our fate unknown. This is what all great Alien content, being it film, graphic novels, books, games understand and embrace and that was our starting point. From there onward we tackled the task of “how can we bring the fear of the unknown to the tiny screen”.

This was exactly what FoxNext and D3 Go! were looking for. They shared and displayed the same love for the franchise and in this case it meant a premium experience with no micro-transactions. This was to be the first true to its core Alien experience for the mobile audience. And after crunching things together with our combined tiny task force in a ridiculous time frame, that’s exactly what we accomplished.

So what about Reset? We started on this road to bring you that which burns in our hearts and minds and we’re using everything to make it happen the way we want, undiluted. Like we have stated before, when doing something you want, there is no reason to quit. It is projects like Alien Blackout that enable us to continue financially. And the funny thing is that (this actually is a bit funny) the entity which is the Alien, which has ultimately creatively fueled me to create Reset has now also fueled it financially and at the same time it has received a bit of our love and possibly goes on to inspire someone else.

All in all it has been one hell of a (express elevator) ride (to hell). Alien: Blackout ($4.99) is out today on iOS and Android.

See y’all in a bit
Love from Theory

In Theory… Still here

For some reason people think we’ve come this far to quit. 😮 Might have something to do with our delays. 😕 😳 And our lack of online presence. =^-^=  Well friends, we haven’t 😉 <3 theory_telegram

In Theory… 13 minutes of gameplay

Hello fellow travelers.

The day was the 13th. It was the 13th hour. There was 13 minutes of gameplay.

More news on the release next week 🙂

In Theory… News coming in a jiffy

Yoyoyo dear people sooooorry for being super quiet again. From the depths we rise again (in 4K). News on the launch coming soooon.


In Theory… Launch postponed. In 4K.

Hello dear people!

With only two days away from our intended release we have to uphold traditions and push back the date.

Why the delay? Completing a project of this magnitude is a rather large undertaking for two people. And we suck at giving estimates. With all the heart and mind that we’ve put into this, stumbling out the door (which is an overstatement) at this point would be rather stupid. We want to get the game out to you asap but we also release it properly or we will regret it later.

Why didn’t we notify about the delay sooner? For the past months we’ve been knee deep in finalizing the game. Up until recently we were still on track but dropping tasks related to the release. It was but a few days ago that we took our heads out of the development sand and had to make the hard call.

What now? We’re going to take a couple of days to regroup and formulate the final steps.

We’re truly sorry for the delay and hope these raw untouched 4K screenshots of the finalized nature alleviate some of the pain. 🙂

Alpo & Mikko

reset_nature_1 reset_nature_2 reset_nature_3 reset_nature_4


In Theory… Launch Date


Well there you have it! This is it guys, last push. Wohooo! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Our key art here is painted by the crazily talented and expressive Andrey Surnov who was a real pleasure and honor to be working with. His unique style, especially when it comes to lighting and texturing was really what caught our eye . Strong yet detailed and expressive. He was able to capture just the perfect moment. The perfect moment.

In Theory… A Hollywood Movie!


Oh boy do we have an amazing announcement for you guys and gals! Reset is being made into a big budget blockbuster Hollywood movie!!!!!111!!1! With none other than Sandra Bullock as the mysterious mech operator! She was by far the best choice, even when she needs to wear a fake beard for the role. And the overall cast is unbelievable! We have been managing the production for the past couple of months and it’s been super fun and frustrating at the same time. And it has been extra superduper hard to keep the lid on it. It has been the best kept secret in Hollywood, but not anymore! Ladies and gentlemen, here is the debut poster for the film!!!


We are battling the big boys on the other side of the ocean on which one gets released first, the game or the movie. It’s a David vs. Goliath standoff. But, we’re going to win! The movie is scheduled for the holidays. Even as we’ve had to push back the game’s release hopefully for the very last time to September/October we will be victorious. But the boys in Hollywood sure know their stuff. They came up with the perfect tagline. For we feel exactly the same. 😀


In Theory… Greenlight post mortem.


As we’re making good progress towards the full release we thought we’d make some noise and share our Greenlight stats. The journey took 11 days to get greenlit in our case and actually was not that eventful. 😀 The stats however are at least somewhat interesting as they can add to the discussion of the current state of the Greenlight system.

Read more

Reset is Greenlit! \o/

And so after a week in Steam Greenlight… we are already Greenlit!!!! Superduper thanks everybody!!! :D:D:D \o/ Oh and here’s a new screenshot. 🙂 (Greenlightpage:…)