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    • Justin L
    • February 15th, 2018 5:50am

    Thank you for posting an update. I had believed the project was dead, and literally screamed from sheer excitement when I got the email this morning. I’m super stoked to see what the future has in store!

    A word of cautious advice: I have NO idea how the community as a whole is going to respond to this… A lot of people were/are frustrated/angry/disappointed with all the dead silence, and uncertainty surrounding the project. I would HOPE that the majority will be happy and excited with the news that the game hasn’t been abandoned, as I am. But I am sure there will be a lot of negativity, and perhaps anger expressed too… My advice/request is: Please don’t get discouraged or bogged down by the hate. Please keep creating, until you’re game is born.

    Looking forward to playing! Long live Reset.

    • Justsomeguy
    • February 17th, 2018 3:38am

    THANK YOU!!! Good luck!

  1. so this means ..What ?
    news this year…?

    • LamerGyuri
    • February 24th, 2018 11:22pm

    Nem lesz ebből sose semmi. az első hírek óta várom…6 éve basszus. Na mindegy, a demók jól néznek ki :)

    • Mautalent
    • March 23rd, 2018 2:04am

    Great news!

  2. so tien:99999999

    • bob de builder
    • July 24th, 2018 12:14am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • bob de builder
    • August 24th, 2018 3:43pm

    still the same old blues

  3. bnt

  4. Happy No Game all….see you all next year

    • bob de builder
    • November 19th, 2018 5:00pm

    i got moderation fever now
    update needed

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